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Dugs West Indies Decanter

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This is a Dugs West Indies Decanter.   This Decanter came from one of the more colorful places in Carson City’s history, a little restaurant, and bar named Dug’s West Indies.

It was run by a fellow named Captain Dug Picking. Dug also created a series of liquor decanters themed after Nevada brothels. These decanters have turned out to be very popular with collectors. The miniature decanters, which when originally sold contained the Captain’s “famous” blue mai tai mix, celebrate the legal brothels of Nevada.

On the back of the decanter, you will see what kind of cuisine the restaurant offered and the street address. Also, this specific decanter is the second of a series of limited editions-1975.

This is being sold as-is (no alcohol in the decanter)


Length: 6″
Width: 5.5″
Base: 5.5″ long  x 2.5″ wide
Weight: 5 oz.

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