Here we have a fine example of a salvaged De Wit pressure gauge.  Found in a spare parts room of a vessel destined for scrap.  It looks as though it had been sitting on a shelf for years but never installed!!

This salvaged De Wit pressure gauge looks like it could have measured positive pressure on one side and vacuum pressure on the other side but I’m not sure. The undamaged glass on the top side of the dial measures 5 1/4 inches in diameter with the main housing measuring 5 3/4 inches in diamter. The back of the pressure gauge has a mounting frame that measures 7 inches wide and has three mounting holes. The connection point for the source being measured is made of brass and still has the plastic thread protector cover in place. When mounted to the wall, this salvaged De Wit pressure gauge will extend out from the mounting surface by about 2 inches. The main housing of this gauge is iron, and it looks to have a high end painted finish.

This pressure gauge was made by “De Wit” in the Netherlands.  This company has been around since 1916 and is the leader in offshore testing and weather monitoring equipment.  I am not sure what application this gauge would have been used for on the vessel, but it looks like it could have been used for a vide range of equipment testing.

A salvaged De Wit pressure gauge such as this one makes a great nautical display item in your home, office, or restaurant.  It would also make a great component for the steampunk artists.

Several pieces in stock.