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All Purpose Sea Sponge


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Click on the photo to see additional views of this all purpose sea sponge.

Sea sponges are a new item here at Big Ship Salvage, including this natural sea sponge.  This specimen measures about 8 inches tall x about 11 inches wide.

Sponges are worldwide in their distribution, living in a wide range of ocean habitats, from the polar regions to the tropics. Most live in quiet, clear waters, because sediment stirred up by the current would block their pores, making it difficult for them to feed and breathe.  Most sponges are usually found on firm surfaces such as rocks, but some sponges can attach themselves to soft sediment by means of a root-like base.

Sponges are more abundant but less diverse in temperate waters than in tropical waters, possibly because organisms that prey on sponges are more abundant in tropical waters.

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