Here is a fine giclee print on canvas from an original oil painting.  It’s a framed speckled trout fish in a reclaimed barn wood frame. The piece measures 21 1/4 inches x 11 3/8 inches.  The back is covered with black kraft paper and has a saw tooth hanger.

Speckled Trout, also known as “speck”, is a very important game fish in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Speckled Trout are easy to identify. They have elongated bodies with spots. The spots are more prominent when young and are more numerous on the back. Specks have two very easy to recognize identification features. They have two large canine teeth and the inside of their mouths are yellow. Specks grow to a maximum size of about 16 pounds although the average is about 1 pound.

Specks are a coastal saltwater species of the Louisiana coast where they range from brackish water out to the close in rigs. The young speckled trout start their lives out in the marshes and small lakes of coastal Louisiana. As they grow in size and becomes less vulnerable to larger predators, they move further on out. Also speckled trout are a schooling species so once you find one there are usually more!

The camera can’t pick up the true details and color of this very interesting piece.

Just one of this framed speckled trout fish art in stock – you will be shipped the piece shown in the photos.