This is a great example of hand crafted, American-made artwork. We have found a skilled artist doing one of a kind pen and ink drawings.  These drawings are drawn on oak wood – the camera can never pick up the true detail of these very interesting pieces.  This drawing is titled “Shortspine Boarfish”.  The item measures 11 1/4 inches X 12 inches.  This Shortspine Boarfish drawing is artist signed by Russ Orme.

Boarfish, (family Caproidae),  are any of six species of fishes (order Zeiformes) characterized by red coloration and a laterally compressed body that is as high as it is long. All six species live in deep marine waters, occurring in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. The two genera, Antigonia and Capros, are placed in different subfamilies. A typical species, A. capros, reaches a length of about 18 cm (7 inches).

Boarfishes typically have three anal spines that are completely separated from the soft rays of the anal fin. When viewed from the side, boarfishes appear almost rhomboid, or diamond-shaped, owing to the angular profiles of their backs.

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Just one piece in stock – you will be shipped the Shortspine Boarfish drawing shown in the photos