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Russ Orme’s work is a great example of American-made artwork. We have found this skilled artist doing one of a kind “Pen And Ink On Oak” drawings in the Easton Maryland area. This drawing Saltwater Permit Fish Drawing by Russ Orme measures 11 1/4 X 24 inches. The camera will never pick up the true detail of these very interesting pieces. Be sure to click on the photo to see some additional close up images. This Saltwater Permit Fish Drawing by Russ Orme is artist signed.

Permit are usually found in shallow, tropical waters such as mudflats, channels, and muddy bottoms. They are usually seen as individuals or in small schools; if approached when alone, they attempt to escape human interaction, but if approached when in a school formation, they become aggressive and can deliver dangerous bites. Although permit are found close to shore and even in some brackish areas, they spawn offshore. Young are found usually in the surf zone where plenty of small invertebrates are available for them to eat.

Permit are found in the western Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Brazil, including most of the Caribbean islands.