This is a framed Dolphin artwork piece framed in reclaimed barn wood.  It is a giclee print on canvas from an original oil painting.  The piece measures 21 1/4 inches x 11 3/8 inches.  The back is covered with black kraft paper and has a saw tooth hanger.

Otherwise known as Mahi-mahi, the original name causes many to mistake them for the porpoise or dolphin – think “Flipper”.  This is not so as Mahi-mahi is a fish, not a mammal as is the porpoise.  Mexican and Latin American dolphin are called “Dorado”.  Mahi-mahi often gather in large schools attracted to floating objects such as logs and buoys where they find smaller fish to feed on. They are surface feeders and are found throughout the Pacific and tropical waters world wide. Hawaiian Mahi-mahi is regarded as some of the highest quality in the world with fish over 15 pounds in size being preferred. Their flesh is white, firm, sweeter than Ono, and delicious when sautéed, baked, broiled, or fried.

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You will be shipped the framed Dolphin artwork shown in the photos.