This hand painted Blue Marlin on rough cut cedar wood is part of a collection of hand painted fish that we have to offer. No two pieces are alike, and the attached photos could never tell you how great they really look.

This is a Blue Marlin that was hand painted with oil paint and then clear coated. The rough cut cedar board measures 11 1/4 x 47 inches.

We normally supply these pieces to restaurants, but now you can have one for your home or office.

Marlin fishing is considered by many anglers to be the pinnacle of offshore sport fishing, due to the size, power and elusiveness of the four marlin species. Fishing for marlin has captured the imagination of sport fishermen since the 1930s, when well-known angler/authors Zane Grey, who fished for black, striped, and blue marlin in the Pacific, and Ernest Hemingway, who fished the Florida Keys, Bahamas, and Cuba for Atlantic blue marlin and white marlin, wrote extensively about their pursuit and enthused about the sporting qualities of their quarry.

A lot of resources are committed to the construction of private and charter billfishing boats to participate in the billfishing tournament circuit. These vessels have the range, speed, and seaworthiness to reach distant offshore fishing grounds. They are often built to luxury standards and equipped with many technologies to ease the life of the deep sea recreational fisherman, including outriggers, flying bridges and fighting chairs, and state of the art fishfinders and navigation electronics.