This reclaimed barn wood framed Black Crappie is very colorful and shows great detail by the artist. This reclaimed barn wood framed Black Crappie measures 16 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches. The back is covered with black kraft paper and has a saw tooth hanger.

The black crappie’s range is uncertain, since it has been widely transplanted, but it is presumed to be similar to the white crappie’s. Its native range is suspected to be in the eastern United States and Canada, and as of 2005, populations existed in the entire continental United States.

Crappies feed early in the morning and from about midnight until approximately 2am. Individuals smaller than about 16 cm in length eat plankton and minuscule crustaceans, while larger individuals feed on small fish, as well as minnows. Adult black crappie feed on fewer fish than white crappie do; instead they consume a larger volume of insects and crustaceans.

Crappies are a very popular sport fish, as they are easy to catch during their feeding times. There are minimal number and size restriction limits for fishing the crappie species.

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