This is a very nice reclaimed barn wood framed Brook Trout piece of fish art.  The image is a fine giclee print on canvas from an original oil painting.  The piece measures 21 1/4 inches x 11 3/8 inches.  The back is covered with black kraft paper and has a saw tooth hanger.

Native to the Eastern United States, the brook trout is also known as a speckled trout, a spotted trout, a brookie, or a squaretail. Considered an indicator species, they help show the health of the water. Large groups of trout indicate that the environment in which they inhabit is healthy. A decline in the population is usually a sign of a deteriorating habitat and unsanitary water.

The size of a brook trout is significantly smaller than other trout species. Their size greatly depends on the condition of their habitat, such as the water temperature and food sources. On average, brook trout grow to about 10 inches and weigh about one pound, but those found in lakes usually grow larger, and sea trout grow even bigger. However overall, their short lifespan and slow growth rates contribute to their commonly small size.

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