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Ship Salvaged CE-Alliance Life Ring


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Ship Salvaged CE-Alliance Life Ring

Have a look at this Ship Salvaged CE-Alliance Life Ring! Touch up your room with a bit of nautical décor that you can easily hang on your wall. This salvaged life ring will bring character and maritime comfort to any room you hang it in.

This life ring was from the vessel ‘CE-ALLIANCE’ of the Marshall Islands. This vessel went on to be known as the Ganbei, which we have another life ring of here (in better condition). Ganbei has the marking of Majuro and that is the largest city and capital of the Marshall Islands. It was constructed in 2001 and is still in operation today. The gross tonnage of this bulk carrier is 13,898 tons.

Written on one side – “CE-ALLIANCE” and “VALLETA”. It has a diameter of 30.5 inches about 6.5 inches wide by 3 inches thick. The weight is 7.5 pounds.

This life ring is being sold in as-found condition.  The original rope has not been replaced.

You will be shipped the Ship Salvaged CE-Alliance Life Ring shown in the photos.

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