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Salvaged Vintage Life Ring - Zanzibar


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Salvaged Vintage Life Ring

Don’t miss out on this special nautical antique — this salvaged vintage life ring is our only life ring in stock at the moment. That’s because every time we get them in stock, our customers buy them out almost immediately! This vintage ship’s life ring measures about 28 inches wide by about 3.5 inches thick and weighs 3.9 pounds.

This life ring is being sold in as-found condition.  It will have loose or missing paint. It has not been cleaned. This life ring was removed from a working vessel being cut up for scrap, so it has seen many years at sea. The original rope is attached to the ring. There is one spot in which the rope is no longer connected to the side of the life ring. This can be repaired or can be left in it’s original salvaged condition.

You will be shipped the salvaged vintage life ring shown in the photos.

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