From the top of the ceiling mount to the wide end of this authentic copper nautical pendant light, it stands just over 28 inches tall.

The ceiling mount is 5 inches wide and has four mount holes.

The down rod measures about twelve inches long as shown. It is threaded at both ends, so you can make it shorter or longer to change the current height of this light.

The wide end of this light measures 16 inches, and it has a 14 inch undamaged glass lens in place.

To access the bulb, you loosen the 6 wing nuts on the wide end of the light, and the lens frame swings open to access the bulb socket.

Total weight of this light is 24 pounds.

This light is mostly made of copper with some cast brass trim. As a result of this light being salvaged from a real working vessel, you will find some dents and dings in the copper housing.

Like all of the lights we sale, we have removed all of the out dated electrical components. A new porcelain UL-Listed bulb socket has been installed. A standard Edison base house bulb of 100 watts or less will work just fine in this reclaimed nautical pendant light. All new wiring as been installed and you will find the wiring exits the light from inside the down rod so you have no exposed wiring. All electrical components we use are rated for any voltage under 250 volts, so you normal house wiring will work with this light. Our wiring also includes a pre-installed ground wire.

If ordering this item number, you will be shipped the light shown in the photos of this listings.