These aluminum floats measures about 4-5 inches long.   These aluminum seine gill net fishing floats were used for the commercial fisheries around the Great Lakes Regions, but some were used on the West Coast also. All of the ones we have for sale came from the Great Lakes. This historical style floats have not been used for years and today that make great nautical décor or can be put back to use on your net. We have not cleaned these aluminum seine gill net fishing floats and you can expect they to have dings, dents, scratches and scuffs as shown in the photo!  Each would be a great addition to a collection of floats or maritime items! If you buy more than one, we will try to find ones that are a close match in design, or tell us you do not care if they match.

The price shown per float.

Free shipping to the Continental United States. These will be shipped via First Class Postage with the US Postal Service, unless they are part of a larger order that is normally sent via FedEx Ground.