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Vintage Wooden Binnacle and Compass

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This is a Vintage Wooden Binnacle and Compass. It is a full-sized wooden binnacle, with a brass compass. The magnetic compass is a fundamental requirement of every ship as it can function independently of satellite reception and electrical supply.  The balls on the binnacle are called correction spheres. The position of these spheres on either side of the binnacle help balance out interference from the ship’s hull and allow the compass to point correctly to magnetic north.  Spheres today are painted red and green, to signify the port and starboard sides of a vessel.

The compass no longer works. The glass is cracked and there is no longer any fluid in it.  We searched to see if the decorative pieces on the binnacle meant anything but we could not turn up anything.

This item would be a great addition to anyone’s nautical collection!

This item is being sold as-is.



Height: 46″
Width: 21.34″
Main Base: 9.25″ x 4
Top Box: 11″ x 4
Compass: 9″ tall
2 Mounting Brackets  Each: 3.34″ long  x 2″ wide with 1″ hole
Weight: 78 lbs.

You will be shipped the Vintage Wooden Binnacle and Compass shown in the photos.

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