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Vintage TAMAYA SHOTEN CO. Sextant

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This is a Vintage TAMAYA SHOTEN CO. Sextant. Tamaya SHOTEN was the first Japanese company to import surveying equipment from overseas and to distribute them in Japan.  It was making levels and theodolites, and by 1922 made the first sextant in Japan.

A sextant is a doubly reflecting navigation instrument that measures the angular distance between two visible objects.

This TAMAYA SHOTEN Sextant is in a mahogany box that has a plaque on the front of the lid with the companies name on it. You will also see the word SEXTANT on the side of the box. The sextant has an index mirror, a telescope, Alidade (index arm), graduated arc, a quick release clamp, micrometer drum, a set of three hinged shades, horizon mirror, a set of four hinged shades, screwed cap(for battery), index mirror adjusting screw, and two horizon mirror adjusting screws.

Inside the box lid you will see a paper with words in Japanese in a photo you can see what some of it means. Also, inside the lid you will find a blue and white sticker that has some Japanese words and the numbers 408857 on it  On the graduated arc you will see the words TAMAYA & CO., LTD NO. 20511 with their symbol. Also, the PAT number 191138 will be on the other end of the arc. Under the index arm you will find a rubber area that has TAMAYA TOKYO and their trademark on it as well. Lastly, on the telescope you will find their trademark and the numbers 7 X 35.

This would be a wonderful piece of nautical history to set around in your office, den or with your other nautical items!


Box: 14″ x  10.34″
Height: 6.34″
Overall Weight: 10.5 lbs.

You will be shipped the Vintage TAMAYA SHOTEN CO. Sextant shown in the photos. 

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