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Vintage Ships Brass Telegraph By Chadburn’s Liverpool Coy Ltd.




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Introducing a Vintage Ships Brass Telegraph By Chadburn’s Liverpool Company Ltd. This single-sided telegraph, featuring one handle, traces its origins back to 1870 when William Chadburn patented a communication device in Liverpool. This invention culminated in the development of the engine order telegraph by 1875.

Operating this telegraph is straightforward: simply move the lever to signal navigation directions between the bridge and engine room.

Adorned with the branding of CHADBURN’S LIVERPOOL (SHIP) TELEGRAPH Co. Ltd and marked with indicators for Full, Half, Slow, Finished With Engines, Stop, Stand By, Astern, and Ahead on its face. In the accompanying photos, you’ll observe these markings, alongside a slight indentation on one area of the base.

Despite this, the item maintains its stability, standing flat without any hindrance. Perfect for compact spaces like home offices, businesses, or family rooms, this telegraph effortlessly blends vintage charm with practical functionality.

And for those curious, yes, it still emits that distinct sound when the handle is moved.


Height: 43″
Width: 5 1/2″
Diameter: 12″
Handles Length: 4″
Base Diameter: 11″ with 6 mounting holes
Weight: 67.5 lbs.

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