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Vintage Ritchie and Sons Compass


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Vintage Ritchie and Sons Compass

P2-24 is a Vintage Ritchie and Sons Compass that has been salvaged from a once working vessel and listed online for sale today. Occasionally, the glass on this compass fogs up a little from the liquid inside. A quick shake of the liquid returns it to be clear.

History of E.S. Ritchie & Sons: “In 1850, physicist Edward S. Ritchie began developing the first US manufactured marine compass using his revolutionary liquid-filled design. Beginning with an order of 26 compasses by the US Navy in 1861, and entirely through word-of-mouth, E.S. Ritchie & Company had sold over 30,000 to merchant vessels by the year 1900.”
Learn more about the company here!

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Total Gimbal Diameter: 12.5″
Glass Diameter: 9″
Height: 5.25″
Weight: 24 lbs.

You will be shipped the Vintage Ritchie and Sons Compass shown in the photos.

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