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1977 Tokyo Keiki Magnetic Compass (Ser. No. 3585) With Box


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1977 Tokyo Keiki Magnetic Compass

This authentic 1977 Tokyo Keiki Magnetic Compass is still in good working condition! This compass will make a great conversation for any nauticalphile!  This compass was made in Japan by the Toko Keiki Co. To this day, they are still producing high-quality nautical equipment for people all over the world.

Dimensions for the box:

Length: 13.75″
Width: 13.75″
Height: 8.25″
Weight: 28.7 lbs.

Dimensions for only the compass:

Diameter (Frame) : 12″
Diameter (Compass) : 9.75″
Width (Extended Pegs) : 13″
Height: 5.75″
Weight: 22.7 lbs.
Serial Number: 3585
Date: 1977


You will be shipped the authentic Tokyo Keiki Magnetic Compass shown in the photos.

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