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Nippon Zosenkikai 1973 Stainless Steel and Iron Telegraph

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This is a Nippon Zosenkikai 1973 Stainless Steel and Iron Telegraph. This authentic ship’s Engine Order Telegraph was salvaged from a ship being scrapped. This telegraph was used for communication between the bridge or pilothouse and the engine control room. Perfect for the collector or as a unique conversation piece.

The bell on the inside is currently not operating.

This salvaged engine order telegraphs top is stainless steel while the base is iron. It measures 40 inches tall. The base mount has a 12-inch diameter and has 6 mount holes. The telegraph weighs _ pounds.


Height (without handle): 40″
Width: 14″
Depth: 12.5″
Base Diameter: 12″
Diameter of Telegraph: 12.5″

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