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Marine Salvage Sestrel Lifeboat Compass

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Salvaged Sestrel Lifeboat Compass

This is a working marine salvaged sestrel lifeboat compass. The reason that this compass is so small is that it was designed to be taken on lifeboats in case of an emergency. When preparing to abandon the boat, the large binnacle with compass can’t be deconstructed. Instead, the crew will grab this portable sestrel compass to help the lifeboat find it’s way to safety. This is a salvaged nautical antique that you can tell a story about to your visitors.

This compass measures about 9 inches tall x about 10 1/2″ wide including the oil burner on the side. The base is about 8 1/2 inches in diameter.  The housing is brass under the paint.  It weighs just over 5 1/2 pounds.

The salvaged sestrel lifeboat compass gimbals freely inside the housing.  It is liquid filled and functional.  The compass card (face) is marked “Sestrel”. The oil burner has an oil reservoir with wick intact inside.

The housing has some surface wear.  There’s also some paint on the bottom and splatters here and there.

You will be shipped the marine salvage Sestrel lifeboat compass shown in the photos.

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