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Magnetic Small Vessel Compass-Daiko




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This Magnetic Small Vessel Compass-Daiko originates from a previously operational vessel and has been salvaged for resale. Manufactured by the Daiko company in Japan, it features distinct red and green spheres designed to minimize navigational deviations caused by the ship’s metal components, ensuring accurate navigation.
Examining the accompanying photos reveals the compass to be in excellent condition, with clearly visible letters and numbers. While the brass housing displays some minor markings and scratches, these do not affect its functionality. Additionally, the housing includes a piece of wood affixed to a brass plate at the front. You will also see at one time this did have lighting attached to it as well.

If you’re seeking a Magnetic Small Vessel Compass-Daiko for display in a nautically themed office or den, this item is a fitting choice.


Length: 23″
Height: 13 1/2″
Base Diameter: 9 1/4″
Compass: 5″
Glass Diameter: 4′
Weight: 20.5 lbs.

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