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U.S. Army Azimuth Indicator T24

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This is an authentic U.S. Army Azimuth Indicator T24.  This Azimuth Indicator was used on the 76 mm Gun Tank M41 Walker Bulldog. Meshed with a turret ring, it helped assist the gunner in laying out the ordnance for indirect fire.

The Azimuth Indicator was produced by Beam Manufacturing Co.

The M41 Walker Bulldog, officially 76-mm Gun Tank, M41, was an American light tank developed for armed reconnaissance purposes. It was produced by Cadillac between 1951 and 1954 and marketed successfully to the United States Army as a replacement for its aging fleet of World War II vintage M24 Chaffee tanks.

On the Indicator, you can find a plaque with the words- Indicator, Azimuth T24, ORD Dep., U.S. Army.  No. 008946, BEAM MFG. CO. Also, there is an area that has D 7637602.

This is a unique piece that would add value to your nautical collection!


Length: 11.5″
Width: 8.5″
Top Face Diameter: 7″
Weight: 24.5 lbs.

You will be shipped the U.S. Army Azimuth Indicator T24 shown in the photos.

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