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Authentic Salvaged Japanese Tokimec Inc. Magnetic Compass


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Salvaged Japanese Tokimec Inc. Magnetic Compass

Item #P2-15 is an authentic salvaged  Japanese magnetic compass made in Tokyo by a company named Tokimec. Tokimec has since changed their name to Keiki but this compass has the older company’s name on it because this was manufactured in 1983. This compass is in working condition.

The markings on this compass and box are the following:

  • “TYPE: KN-R165
  • “SER. NO. 1074”
  • “MASS 13.5”
  • “DATE: 1983”

The box containing the magnetic compass measures 13.5″ in length and width. The box is only 8″ tall. The total weight of this item is 29.9 pounds.

You will be shipped the Authentic Salvaged Japanese Magnetic Compass shown in the photos.

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