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Authentic Salvaged Japanese Magnetic Compass by Keiki


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Salvaged Japanese Keiki Magnetic Compass

Item #P2-11 is an authentic salvaged Japanese magnetic compass made in Tokyo by a company named Keiki. This compass is in great working condition, with the original box that it came with.  These days, Keiki is making different kinds of marine accessories. The amount of technology in the marine industry has expanded vastly over the years.

This type of compass would have been useful in emergencies because it could be easily transported onto a lifeboat. This would allow the lifeboat to safely get to shore. Display this in your nautically decorated home and show off a working piece of nautical history!

The markings on this compass are the following:

  • “HB-165A-5”
  • “NO. N8946

The box containing the magnetic compass measures 14″ in length and width. The box is only 8″ tall. The total weight of this item is 33.3 pounds.

You will be shipped the Authentic Salvaged Japanese Magnetic Compass shown in the photos.

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