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Authentic Salvaged Sestrel Deadbeat Compass


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Authentic Salvaged Sestrel Compass

This authentic salvaged Sestrel Compass is still in good working condition! While this compass was made by Henry Browne & Son out of Barking and London (UK), we believe this compass was used on a Swedish vessel. On the outside of the box containing the compass, there is a metal plate that reads

Vid förvaring i lådan vändes kompassens över-sida mot lådans botten.

A rough Google translation of this detects the Swedish language and translates to “When stored in the drawer, the upper part of the compass is watered down in the box”. Authentic Salvaged Sestrel Compass.

Here’s an excerpt from ValenceHouseCollections.co.uk that talks about the manufacturers of this Sestrel Compass: “Their “Dead Beat“ compass design is well dampened and serves to reduce oscillations. It is reported that this design compass was fitted to many Allied ships during WW II. The company went through a boom period in the 1970s but collapsed in the 1980s due to the popularity of cheaper plastic compasses over traditional brass ones.” While on this web page, we learned that the model name “Sestrel” was created by taking the first two letters of “sensitive”, the first two letters of “steady”, and the first three letters of “reliable”.

The box containing the magnetic compass measures 15.5″ in length and width. The box is only 9″ tall. The total weight of this item is 41.7 pounds.

You will be shipped the Authentic Salvaged Sestrel Deadbeat Compass shown in the photos.


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