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Authentic Salvaged British Magnetic Compass


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Salvaged British Magnetic Compass

Item #P2-06 is an authentic salvaged British magnetic compass made by B. Cooke & Son LTD out of Hull, UK. This company has been in operation for over 150 years and are still handcrafting these compasses at their Hull location. On their website, they have a chinese proverb: ““Make happy those who are near and those who are far will come”.” This proverb seems to have guided their business plan, as sailors from around the world came to use B. Cooke & Son marine products.

This nautical compass is still in working condition. A compass like this would be placed in a box in case the main compass broke or if an emergency exit is required. Someone on a lifeboat could quickly grab this compass to get them safely to shore. Be the first one in your group to own an antique nautical British magnetic compass! This makes for a great conversation piece in your home or business.

The markings on this magnetic compass are the following:

  • “B. COOKE & SONS LTD.”
  • “N.S.K. 1977”
  • “SER. NO. 4088”
  • “PATT. NO. 161A.”

The box containing the magnetic compass measures 14″ in length and width. The box is only 7.2″ tall. The total weight of this item is 34.6 pounds.

You will be shipped the Authentic Salvaged British Magnetic Compass shown in the photos.

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