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Authentic Salvaged W. Ludolph Magnetic Compass


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This authentic W. Ludolph Magnetic Compass is still in working condition! Ludolph is a German company that still produces nautical compasses for ships all over the world.

While this compass was made by a German company, we believe that this was used on a Finnish ship. On the front of the box, there is a label that says “Magneetti Kompassi Vara”, which is Finnish for Magnetic Compass Property. Surrounding the outside of the compass are two German cities. These cities are Bremerhaven and Hamburg. Other markings on the compass include the manufacturer’s name “W. Ludolph”, “DHI09aS” and “46870/55-S/R”. There are several other markings of “46870”, we believe this is the serial number.

The box containing the magnetic compass measures 15″ in length and width. The box is only 7″ tall. The total weight of this item is 42.7 pounds.

You will be shipped the authentic salvaged W. Ludolph magnetic compass shown in the photos.

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