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Dutch Aluminum Engine Order Telegraph – GEBR. KWENT N.V.



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Product Description

Check out this unique Aluminum Engine Order Telegraph by the Dutch company, GEBR. KWENT N.V. Kwent is still producing nautical equipment but is now operating under the name of Kwent Controls. The instruments that you will see on their website are much more modern, showing that they’ve adapted with the landscape over the years – they’ve been in business since 1937.

Specifically, this engine order telegraph bears the traditional marks for EOTs, however the commands are in Dutch. The body of this telegraph is bulkier than others that we have, but that falls in line with the style of telegraphs that the Dutch built — as compared to the Japanese who produced a slimmer, lighter navigation instrument.

Overall, this is a wonderful piece of nautical history, unlike any others that we have listed on our website. If you have a fascination for nautical history, or even have a connection to Holland – this would make the perfect display piece for your home, office, or business!

Dimensions (without handles)

Height: 43.5″
Width: 14″
Depth: 13.5″
Face Diameter: 11.5″
Base: 13.25″ x 11″

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