Chrome Plated E.S Ritchie And Sons Magnetic Compass



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Product Description

Set your eyes upon the extraordinary Chrome Plated E.S Ritchie And Sons Magnetic Compass, a remarkable instrument that guarantees both precision and reliability while seamlessly whisking us away to an era brimming with captivating seafaring adventures. With a storied legacy of guiding fearless sailors across vast oceans, this compass emanates the very essence of maritime lore. As its magnetic needle gracefully pirouettes in perfect harmony with the Earth’s magnetic field, any anxieties about losing one’s way dissipate like ethereal sea foam, leaving nothing but a sense of serenity. This cherished artifact ignites the imagination of collectors and enthusiasts, lovingly nestled within a sturdy wooden box that ensures effortless portability during your nautical explorations. Behold, the box may exhibit delightful imperfections, with subtle pieces of wood absent on the sides of the handle, which only serve to enhance its unique character and rich history.


Glass Diameter: 7 3/4″
Compass Overall Width:  11″ (end to end)
Box Length: 13 1/4″
Width: 12 3/4″
Height: 8 1/2″
Weight: 22 lbs.(compass and box)

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