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Authentic Bendix Aviation Corporation Marine Division Engine Order Telegraph


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Bendix Marine Engine Order Telegraph

This is an Authentic Bendix Aviation Corporation Marine Division Engine Order Telegraph. This authentic ship’s Engine Order Telegraph was salvaged off a ship being scrapped. This telegraph was used for communication between the bridge or pilothouse and the engine control room. Perfect for the collector or as a unique conversation piece.

There is a brass plate on the base that reads: Bendix Aviation Corporation Marine Division Brooklyn, NY | DR.No.CAL_4242 Alt. The dial under the glass reads Bendix Brooklyn, N.Y. CR13402-1A. It also has the engine commands On the dial: Astern: Full, Half, Slow, Finished With Engine, Stop, Stand By, Ahead: Slow, Half, Full.

Bendix Aviation Corporation an American manufacturing and engineering company which existed from 1924 to 1983. They specialized in automotive and avian engineering/manufacturing. During World War 2, Bendix was contracted to supply Engine Order Telegraphs to the Navy. We found a snippet for a marine sales paper from 1946.


1946 Bendix Sales


Height: 44″
Diameter Face: 12 1/2″
Diameter Glass Face: 11″
Width: 8 1/2″
Base: 12″ with 5 holes
Base: 20″ ”
Control Arm: 12″

The bell on the inside is currently  operating.

You will be shipped the Authentic Bendix Aviation Corporation Marine Division Engine Order Telegraph shown in the photos.


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