Mark VII Mod 2 1942 US Navy Compensating Binnacle



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Product Description

The Mark VII Mod 2 1942 US Navy Compensating Binnacle is a rare and unique item with a rich history. It was originally used on a Victory Class ship, a type of cargo ship commissioned by the United States Maritime Commission during World War II to support the Allies’ war effort. The binnacle was made by the Ajax Engineering Company in Chicago, Illinois, a well-known manufacturer of navigational equipment during the early 20th century. The compass within the binnacle was manufactured by Henry Browne and Sons, a prestigious and respected maker of compasses and other navigational instruments. This binnacle is a true collector’s item and a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the maritime industry during a pivotal time in world history.


Height: 52″
Width: 33″
Base Diameter: 17″
Weight: HEAVY

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