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1941 U.S. Navy Azimuth Circle - Mark 3 Mod 2

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Introducing a unique piece of maritime history: a salvaged vintage 1941 U.S. Navy Azimuth Circle – Mark 3 Mod 2. This exquisite instrument was purchased from a private collector and has been preserved in its original condition. The Mark 3 Mod 2 was used by navigators to measure the direction of a celestial object and was considered state-of-the-art technology in its time.

Crafted from durable materials, this vintage Azimuth Circle is built to last and serves as a testament to the ingenuity of naval engineers during World War II. Its intricate details and classic design make it a stunning display piece, perfect for any nautical or military enthusiast. Whether used as an educational tool, conversation starter or simply as a fascinating conversation piece, this salvaged vintage 1941 U.S. Navy Azimuth Circle – Mark 3 Mod 2 is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the rich history of naval navigation.


11.4″ x 11.4″ x 4.5″ box
11.5″ diameter Azimuth Circle
Weight: 8 lbs (3.5 lbs without box)

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