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3 Piece Set Of Original Brass Bulkhead Lights


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This 3 piece set of original brass bulkhead lights are commonly referred to as a bulkhead light in the nautical lighting world. This light weighs almost 4 pounds. It is 7 3/4 inches long and when mounted to the wall, it will extend out by about 5 inches. The wall mount measures 4 5/8 inches in diameter and has two mount holes.

Access the bulb fixtures of these lights by spinning off the cages and globes.  We have re-wired this light and installed a new UL Listed bulb fixture that holds up to a normal 65 watt house bulb. All of our new wiring and bulb holders are rated for any voltage under 250 volts. We have also added a ground wire.

Talk to us about our new brass adaptor plate that will end all of your installation problems with any existing in the wall junction box.  Our 6 inch brass adaptor plates cost $20.00 each. If you order them at the same time you order your lights, we will attach the plates to each light for you.

You will be shipped the 3 piece set of original brass bulkhead lights shown in the photos.

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