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Large Vintage Brass 5-Blade Ship Propeller




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Product Description:

Behold the Large Vintage Brass 5-Blade Ship Propeller, a remarkable piece that carries the history of a real vessel. Its 5-blade design ensures superior stability even in rough seas, while the charming indentations on the blades bear witness to its aquatic adventures.

Take a closer look at the hub, where you’ll find intriguing numbers like 22x23LH, revealing the propeller’s diameter, pitch, and left-hand rotation. Additionally, the top hub proudly displays the numbers 22288 and 25333, adding a touch of mystery to its story.

Whether elegantly hung on a wall or proudly displayed on a stand, these propellers make awe-inspiring decorative pieces. Let them become a focal point, immersing your space in the spirit of seafaring allure.


Diameter: 21 1/4″
Hub length: 4″
Hub width: 2 3/8″
Bore/Shaft Diameter: 1 1/4″
Weight: 21 lbs.

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