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Framed Authentic Chain Link from Ship's Anchor


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Authentic Chain Link from Ship’s Anchor

This item is an authentic chain link from a ship’s anchor that has been framed for residential display. The chains that are used to secure a ship’s anchor differ vastly depending on the size of the ship. While this is a fairly large chain link, we have seen some that are easily twice as big!

If you’re looking for a particular size of chain link, or length of chain, please call us and we can work to fulfill your needs. We have a wide variety of chains and are just now getting more of them listed on site.

The dimensions of the frame for this chain link are as follows:
Height: 6.5″
Length: 9.5″
Width: 2″
Weight: 4.2 lbs.

The dimensions of the chain link itself are:
Height: 3.5″
Length: 6″
Width: 1.25″

You will be shipped the Chain Link from Ship’s Anchor shown in the photos.

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