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Original Heavy Duty Cast Brass Ceiling Light


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This original heavy duty cast brass ceiling light measures 8 1/2 inches tall x about 4 1/2 inches wide, not including the mount feet. The base measures 4 inches in diameter.  The two mount feet measure 5 1/2 inches across.  Copper caps were installed in the two original conduit openings.  The light weighs 6 1/2 pounds.

This light has been rewired with UL-listed wiring, including a ground wire and takes up to 250 volts.  The bulb socket is also UL-listed.  An ordinary light bulb or LED up to 75 watts can be used in this light.

The cage on this light is very difficult to spin on and off, and doesn’t screw on all the way.

You will be shipped the original heavy duty cast brass ceiling light shown in the photos.

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