This is a very nice pair of weathered brass wall mounted nautical navigation lights. Commonly referred to as a bulkhead lights by the vessel crew and ship builders. This set has been fitted with port and starboard colored globes, but we can change these out to clear glass at no cost. These weathered brass wall mounted nautical navigation lights are well designed for interior or exterior use with each light tipping the scales at almost 7 pounds! From the top of the wall mount the bottom of the globe cage, each light measures about 10 1/2 inches tall. When mounted to the wall these weathered brass wall mounted nautical navigation lights will extend out from the wall by about 6 inches. The wall mount surface measures 3 3/4 inches wide and has four mount holes. The cast brass globe cage spins off to give access to the undamaged glass globe. The glass globe also spins off to give access to the bulb holder. We have installed new bulb holders in each light. The bulb holder and new wiring was made by Westinghouse electric and is stamped “UL LISTED”. The new bulb holder takes a normal screw in house bulb of 65 watts or less. The wiring and bulb holder will work with any voltage under 250 volts. One set currently in stock and ready to ship.

Just one pair like this in stock, so you will be shipped the 2 lights shown in the photos.

We now stock a six inch brass mounting plate adaptor that will ease the installation of these vintage nautical light to a standard in the wall junction box. Our mounting plates add $20.00 to each light, but save you a lot of time when installing your nautical lights.