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Wall Mounted Brass Nautical Sconce Light


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Here is a very nice wall mounted brass nautical sconce light. This light is often referred to a passageway light or bulkhead light. This wall mounted brass nautical sconce light is constructed of 100% solid cast brass and has a frosted globe! The light is almost 8 1/2 inches tall if you measure from the top of the wall mount to the bottom of the cage. When mounted to the wall this wall mounted brass nautical sconce light will extend out by about 8 1/4 inches. The wall mount measures 4 inches in diameter and has four mount holes.  The light weighs just about 6 3/4 pounds.

After removing the paint and polishing this light, we have removed the old wiring and bulb sockets, and installed new. Our wiring and bulb sockets are UL Listed and rated to work with any voltage under 250 volts. The new bulb socket takes a common house bulb of 65 watts or less. The new wiring exits the light from the back of the wall mount so that all wiring is hidden when installed. The light even has a pre-installed ground wire!

If you have an existing junction box in the mounting surface, this light may require one of our specially designed brass adapter plates that we sell for $20.00 each. Our adapter plate will make a water tight connection over the junction box and makes a very clean looking installation.

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