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Small Aluminum Two-Dog Nautical Porthole - 14.75"

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This item is a Small Aluminum Two-Dog Nautical Porthole that has been salvaged and lightly cleaned. Both of the dogs are working  properly. Some customers have used a porthole like this to make a medicine cabinet in their bathroom. If you are looking for an unique piece of glass to use in a door or a bathroom this item is for you!

There will be slight marking on the glass of this porthole window because it is an authentic salvaged nautical item – you may choose to have a mirror added to this if you dislike the visible salvaged history on the product.

The handy thing about these aluminum portholes is that they weigh less than their brass counterparts — allowing you some more flexibility with methods of mounting it!


Diameter: 14.75″
Glass Diameter: 9.75″
Weight: 9.6 lbs.

You will be shipped a Vintage Aluminum Three-Dog Nautical Porthole like the one shown in the photos.

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