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Authentic Aluminium Rectangular Porthole - Loop Style Dogs


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Authentic Aluminum Porthole

This rectangular porthole is made out of Aluminium and weighs a modest 25.6 pounds.  The outside of the frame measures 25 inches long by 20 inches wide. The bottom of the porthole measures 6 inches to the top of the dog on the other side.

The four dogs work and the window opens freely, and the original glass has minor surface wear.

You will be shipped the authentic rectangular aluminium porthole shown in the photos here.


The word “porthole” has nothing to with its location on the port side of a ship, but originated thanks to Henry VII of England in 1485. The king demanded on mounting guns that were too large for his ships and French shipbuilder, James Baker was brought on to solve the problem. He pierced the ship’s side so that the cannon can could be mounted inside. When there was heavy weather or the cannons were not in use, the openings in the ships were fitted with covers that latched tightly. These were called porte, which means door in French. Porte became port thanks to the English and eventually any opening on a ship was called a porthole.

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