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Authentic Salvaged Rectangular Aluminum Deadlight

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You are looking at a  Authentic Salvaged Rectangular Aluminum Deadlight  that is a nautical treasure to behold! Infuse an eclectic style of nautical design into your home/restaurant with this massive rectangular deadlight port window!

This would be a perfect piece for someone who is looking for a larger nautical item to add to the nautical look they are going for.

You can have this deadlight with or without a mirror. But with a mirror, you can use it in many areas.   This would add a nautical touch to restrooms that are in places that have a nautical theme. If you are adventurous you could make it work for a shower door!

With or without a  mirror this would be a great find!

$750 without a mirror

Call for Mirror pricing


Total Length: 84″
Total Width: 32.5″
Glass Length: 78.5″
Glass Width: 27.75″
Depth: 2″
Weight: ~100 lbs.

You will be shipped the Authentic Salvaged Rectangular Aluminum Deadlight shown in the photos here.

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