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Authentic Brass 2 Dog Rectangular Porthole




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This listing is for a salvaged Authentic Brass 2 Dog Rectangular Porthole – a rare and unique piece that adds a touch of nautical charm to your home or business. This porthole, originally used on ships, has been salvaged, polished, and repurposed for modern use.

A notable feature of this porthole is the twist on and off dogs, which allows you to open the porthole, providing a functional element to any room. Additionally, some customers have even installed mirrors on this style porthole to use as a medicine cabinet in their bathroom! This versatile piece can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

The original glass is free of any cracks, although it may have minor surface wear and scratches. The original paint on the portholes has been removed, revealing the polished brass underneath. Use it as a functional piece of décor or as a unique focal point in your home, the Authentic Brass 2 Dog Rectangular Porthole is a must-have for any nautical enthusiast.

**For an additional charge this porthole can be fitted with a custom mirror.**


Total Length: 27.75″
Total Width: 21.75″
Glass Length: 21.5″
Glass Width: 16.5″
Depth: 5.5″ (including dogs)
Weight: 64 lbs.

This porthole has an inset on the back, which will sit inside of the wall, allowing the porthole to display on the wall with bolts keeping it fastened. The inset measures 0.5″ in-depth, 24.255″ in length, and 18.25″ in width. 

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