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Authentic 21.75-inch Brass Porthole | Weathered #A



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This listing is for an Authentic 21.75-inch Brass Porthole with weather glass. When we say weathered, we are referring to pitting that can happen in glass of this thickness – making it appear speckled when examined close up. When afar, it looks to have a little bit of fog. Sold as-is, the glass exhibits varying levels of scratching and pitting, a testament to its authentic ship salvage origins. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for a porthole mirror.

A mirror can be installed for an additional charge, transforming this porthole into a functional and decorative piece for any space. Whether displayed in a nautical-themed room, a maritime museum, or as a striking focal point in your home or office, this porthole captures the imagination and invites you to delve into the tales of the sea. Embrace the spirit of maritime adventure and bring a piece of nautical tradition into your space with this Authentic 21.75-inch Brass Porthole.

We just uploaded a video to show you how to hang a porthole mirror – click here to check it out! Don’t forget to come back to our site though!


Diameter: 21.75″
Glass Diameter: 15.75
Extends Off Wall: 6″
Inset: 0.75″
Weight: 71 lbs.

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