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Antique Brass Oval Porthole with Hinge | 1940’s American Yacht Style



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Product Description

This listing is for an Antique Brass Oval Porthole with Hinge, 1940’s American Yacht Style. You’ll often see this style of porthole on Chris Craft boats, or you’ll see someone selling this porthole style as if it was made by Chris Craft. While a lot of them were, some did not have any indications of that being so. We could not find any markings to indicate the manufacturer of this porthole, so we’re not going to claim it as anything differently.

This is a wonderfully unique item that still operates like intended. The hinge that latched open was “all the rage” in the 1940’s for recreational boat owners.

Add Mirror

**For an additional charge this porthole can be fitted with a custom mirror.**


Length: 17″
Width: 10″
Depth: 2.75″
Open Depth: 9″
Glass Length: 13.4″
Glass Width: 6.5″
Weight: 11.5 lbs.

We just uploaded a video to show you how to hang a porthole mirror – click here to check it out! Don’t forget to come back to our site though!

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