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Aluminum Porthole Painted Cream With Solid Cover



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Product Description

This is an authentic 16″ Aluminum Porthole Painted Cream With Solid Cover that was taken off a working vessel. The frame may have some minor wear on its surfaces, and the original glass may need additional cleaning.

One of the distinctive features of this porthole is its solid aluminum cover that can be removed to open the window. Although the original glass has minor surface wear, it is still a valuable piece of history. However, the latch that helps to keep the cover closed is broken, so some attention and care are necessary to fix it.

Despite requiring some TLC, this porthole is an exceptional nautical artifact that can add uniqueness to any location. You can even put a mirror inside it to use it as a bathroom mirror

We have uploaded a video to show you how to hang a porthole mirror – click here to check it out! Don’t forget to come back to our site though!


Overall Width: 16″
Porthole Diameter: 13″
Glass Diameter: 8 3/4′”
Aluminum Lid: 11 1/4″”
Weight: 13.5 lbs.

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