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15.5" Vintage Brass Porthole

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This 15.5″ Vintage Brass Porthole was purchased from a man who received his father’s nautical collection.

This porthole is made from brass. When you look at the photos you can tell this porthole is in descent shape.  At one time there was once a cover (lid) on this item as well that is why you see that there are three dogs. The glass on this porthole is in pretty good condition with no cracks and with just a couple small scratch marks.  You will also find some wording and numbers on the hinge side: MR 18, K P O and G 19.

If you are looking to add some nautical vibe to your home, office or restaurant then this brass porthole could be the item for you!



Diameter: 15 1/2″
Glass: 9 3/4″
Wall Inset: 1/2″
Weight: 36 lbs.

You will be shipped the 15.5″ Vintage Brass Porthole shown in the photos.

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