This large rope ladder may have been salvaged from a real cargo ship, but it is a great display or use piece. Cut it up into smaller sections for book shelves, or make it into that great tree house ladder for the kids. Not sure if you really want your kids climbing a 52 foot large rope ladder, but it can be cut down to fit your needs. Can you see this large rope ladder hanging in some restaurant?

Technically this large rope ladder is called a pilots ladder. The ladder would be hung over the side of a ship to allow local harbor pilots to board a vessel while it was under way. The ship would never stop, the harbor pilot would climb the ladder while the vessel was still moving. Go to the gallery section of this site and see John climbing one of these ladders to board a ship that was not moving.

This ladder is 54 feet long and has 54 steps. it weights about 165 pounds. The rope is in good shape, and the wood steps have surface wear.

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