Vintage Viking Brass Oil Lantern



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Product Description

The Vintage Viking Brass Oil Lantern exudes a captivating sense of nostalgia and adventure. Meticulously crafted, this lantern showcases the enduring beauty of brass, adding an elegant touch to any setting. The upper part of the lantern proudly displays the word “Viking” and their logo, adding an extra layer of historical significance. While the oil compartment remains intact, its functional condition is uncertain. It also has a 360 degree viewing. Whether used as a practical lighting source or as a captivating decorative piece, the Vintage Viking Brass Oil Lantern serves as a cherished symbol of exploration, maritime heritage, and a captivating conversation starter.


Height: 22″ (hanging)
Height: 15″ (sitting)
Width: 9″
Lantern base: 6 1/4″
Weight: 6 lbs.

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