Vintage Fresnel Navigation Light – Hard Wired, Three Mounting Options



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Product Description

F10-05 is our Vintage Fresnel Navigation Light. It was made in Japan by Nippon Sento Co. Ltd. Nippon Sento is a marine supplier that has been providing lighting equipment for ships and airports since 1936. On top of this item is also a plaque which has the manufacturing company and other information as well. This light was manufactured in 1980.

This brass and copper light has a 360-degree Fresnel lens, allowing the light to go in all directions. It has the original mounting base with three mount legs.

This can be mounted in several different ways, thanks to the mounting brackets available on the top and bottom, as well as the 3 holes at the bottom of the light. You can hang it via chain in either direction utilizing the mounting brackets. The mounting bracket that isn’t in use will lock into position.


Height: 12″
Height (with 1 handle): 18″
Height (both handles extended): 24″
Diameter: 11″
Glass: 5.5″ tall
Weight: 14.5 Lbs.


This light has been re-wired with all new UL-Listed parts, including a medium base socket and ground wire, that are rated for any voltage under 250 volts. We recommend using a standard base LED bulb / LED Edison bulb, which allows you to choose the bulb’s brightness to match your lighting area.

Let us know if there is a specific way you would like this light wired! 

It’s currently wired with a weatherproof cable, out the conduit. If you know how you’re going to utilize this light – you can let us know and we can plug the conduit and drill a hole for the wire to exit elsewhere.

To access the bulb holder you loosen the two thumb screws.

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